Mohammad Abdullah

Senior Software Engineer | Full Stack Developer

With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality code and improving the user experience, I bring a valuable combination of technical expertise and problem-solving skills to any project.


My Programming Aptitude

I am a computer science graduate (BS CS) from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), currently living in Pakistan. I have been working in software industry for more than 3 years as a full stack developer where I was responsible for building web applications that run on both the client-side (front-end) and the server-side (back-end). In addition to developing applications, I have also worked on automaton projects, including testing (unit and integration testing), deployment, and monitoring, to ensure the applications are running smoothly and efficiently.

My experience in automation projects has given me a unique perspective on the development process, allowing me to identify areas for improvement and streamline workflows. I have knowledge and experience with various programming languages, frameworks, and databases to create a seamless and robust user experience. My role involved not only writing code but also understanding the business requirements, designing the system architecture, testing and deploying the application, and maintaining it over time. I strive to create efficient, scalable, and maintainable solutions that meet the needs of the end-users and the business.

Key Attributes

• Strong engineering professional with a focus on delivering high-quality results.

• Committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends.

• Effective communicator with a keen attention to detail.

• Customer-centric approach to ensure project success.

• Proven track record in solving complex problems and exceeding expectations.

• Passionate about creating innovative solutions that push boundaries.

• Team player, consistently supporting and collaborating with colleagues to drive successful project outcomes.


My Technical Experience

Senior Software Engineer | Dev Team Lead

◉ Assist in architecting and implementing modules for large-scale enterprise product (Property Management System) for US-based PropTech client.

◉ Work directly with product owners for understanding and analyzing feature requirements.

◉ Lead Software Development team and collaborate with Quality Assurance to deliver product features.

◉ Review application code written by team members and ensure compliance with standards & best practices.

◉ Provide ongoing support for system performance, scalability and stability in production. Enhanced system performance by 70% through strategic optimizations in the microservices architecture.

◉ Additional responsibilities include development timeline estimation, team capacity building, release process management and status reviews with client leadership team.

Jun 2022 - Present
Software Engineer

◉ Applied my technical expertise to resolve bugs and incidents reported by end customers and the QA team, contributing to a 65% reduction in the backlog.

◉ Contributed to the feature development team by creating feature modules and authoring unit tests for diverse components, facilitating their integration into the CI/CD pipeline.

◉ Facilitated system optimization through a comprehensive analysis of microservices interaction on AWS and New Relic's APM. Achieved a remarkable 10x improvement in system efficiency by fine-tuning various modules and endpoints.

◉ Developed data scraping tools that drastically reduced the time complexity of essential data operations, greatly benefiting the onboarding team. The deployment of these tools resulted in an impressive 80% increase in efficiency.

Jun 2020 - May 2022
Game Developer

◉ Part of team who took over the development of an educational game named Kahaniyan - a game to teach Urdu to early age students.

◉ Conducted extensive research to find efficient ways to impart useful learning through gamification. Designed and developed game scenes in Unity3d and implemented backend logic in C#.

◉ Identified and implemented in-game features like story telling, alphabet tracing, alphabet identification and decision making to make the learning process more intuitive and interesting.

◉ Aided in augmenting student learning outcomes by 75%, leveraging the integration of supplementary features that heightened students' engagement.

Sep 2019 - May 2020
Teaching Assistant

◉ Served as teaching assistant to Dr. Shafay Shamail.

◉ Designed the assignments, labs and conducted tutorials to aid students in learning the fundamentals of programming in C++.

◉ Helped more than 50 students in grasping the fundamental concepts of programming like Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Polymorphism, etc.

Jan 2020 - May 2020

My Technical Skills

Programming Languages:







Frontend Technologies


Vuex & Vue Router



React Router



Backend Technologies










Infrastructure and Cloud







New Relic


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